Details That Flow Into The Soul. Our Sacred Trinity

My homes are based on a craftperson's training and intimacy with the medium he or she is working with. It is from this intimacy that the designs are derived. This manifests itself in a complete understanding of the material that is being put into your home. Timber Framing, cabinetry, and stone combine to make up the trinity, that is the basis from which the rest of your home springs forth.

rough sawn

Blurring the lines between nature and handmade

The spaces created in your home are designed to put ones senses at ease. Every detail is cared for and is worth your attention. Beyond our uncompromised craftsmanship, your site is carefully analyzed for passive solar and cooling, glazing surface, air quality, energy performance and embodied energy.

The goal being complete house health, which nourishes you and the landscape it occupies.

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world"John Muir

In addition to the Timber Frame itself, we specifically take into account your site, passive solar heating and passive cooling, air quality, energy efficiency, embodied energy, complete house health on you and the landscape it occupies.

Tree Song

My homes feel, smell and appear like the forests from which they came. Mixed species, crotches, and crucks all have a place of honor in your home.