An Outstanding Experience

Dear Collin:

In this day and age, it is a rare thing when anyone exceeds our expectations. We want you to know that working with you and your company has been an outstanding experience.

You have an uncommon combination of passion, creativity and experience that shows in your work.

From our initial meetings, to your help in wood selection, to the raising of the frame, your attention to detail and professionalism has been impressive. We have never seen a more organized or a cleaner work site in our lives.

Collin, please feel free to use us a reference any time you want. We look forward to working with you again on our next Timber Frame.

Very Best Regards,

Scott and Lynn Newhart
Thunder Ranch Land & Cattle Co., LLC

More like a Curator

Hello Collin,

I want to thank you once again for all the help that you've given me. Working with you and Dave has been a great learning experience. Your craftsmanship will be admired by many.

This building will surely outlive me and probably generations to come. I feel more like a curator whose duty is to care for and preserve the magnificence of this Timber Frame than a home owner.

I will be back to work on the project and am looking forward to seeing you guys more this summer.

Brian Smith

Beyond That of Expectation

Dear Collin,

I want to thank you for your recent cooperation regarding our Timber Frame booth endeavor.

Your craftsmanship along with your packing services created a hassle free experience. The booth is totally awesome, we received comments from those that are 'old school' mentality and that appreciate your craft.

Our new marketing pieces are an ideal compliment with our timber & siding menu and booth display. I truly feel we had more interest in the timber, truss & siding items over that of our flooring products, how about that? Our intent is to follow-up all leads with these various marketing pieces and to include your business card along with our sincerest of recommendations.

Your packaging of the materials for the booth was beyond that of expectation, and we have high expectations. I can't thank you enough for that as that was one of my largest concerns. I can't help but feel you may have been short changed in all this, but I hope this is not the case. It has truly been a pleasure dealing with you.

Your support is already making a positive impact to our newly developed lead base. All marketing materials were very well received, but none more than the timbers & siding brochure as it fits well with designers, architects and builders perfectly. We will keep you posted as to our progress.

Kindest Regards,

Glen Ehrhardt, President
Harvest Timber Co.

What a difference

We have been in our new timber frame home for two years now, and I thought I would write to you to tell you how we like it. We absolutely love it! As you know we value nature and natural settings and fell in love with timber frame structures years ago due to the warmth and rustic feeling we get from them. We really enjoy how timber frame homes work so well with the natural world around us. We have discovered that we got all of this and more from your timber frame. What a work of art you and your crew have made for us. We have seen several other timber frame homes since we have moved in, and the quality and design of your timber frame stands way above anything else we have seen. This is an understatement. What a difference. Thank you Collin!

Since the day you brought our timber frame to life, we have received so many compliments that it is impossible to count them anymore. It continues to this day. Everyone we bring into our home is just amazed at the place. Many say things like, "Oh my goodness, I want a timber frame house just like this." "A house like this would be a home of my dreams!" We had a friend tell us that our home is the most beautiful home he has ever seen. And believe me, he has seen a lot of them, knowing what he does for a living.

Let me run down the list of what we did to your timber frame to complete the world you have built for us.

  1. Energy Star Certified. The Structural Insulated Panels over your impressive frame are so well built and so tight that our air-blow test was very impressive to the testers. We blew a very tight test result. 6 inch walls and 12 inch roof panels gave us at least R-30 and R-60! If we would have pursued it we, more than likely, would have made LEED Certification.
  2. Insulated Concrete Forms. Faswal. Chipped Recycled Pallets mixed with concrete form into blocks. Our basement is also R-30 because of it. No need to heat the space. It is always 62 degrees, year 'round
  3. FSC Timbers, FSC Cabinets, FSC Front Door
  4. Fir trimmed, fiberglass windows made in America
  5. Cambria Countertops, American made
  6. Natural slate tile floors in entrance ways, hallways and bathrooms
  7. Cork floors coverings, pine floors (in loft) and ceilings and hemlock trim from local mills, and Recyclable Carpeting for our wonderful 2nd floor loft space.
  8. We tried hard to purchase building materials as local as possible, and as American made as possible.
  9. No VOC interior finishes on walls, trim and timbers.
  10. Passive solar overhangs and, and active solar hot water system. On 90 plus degree days, interior temps never rise above 76 degrees. Less than 90 and the interior temps are more like 72 degrees. 80 gallons of free hot water on sunny days.
  11. HRV system. Hydronic radiant floor heat. Wood burning stove in great-room.
  12. Natural river rock for outside pillars and inside wood stove pedestal
  13. 2800 square feet total living space: 2100 sq ft on main floor and 700 sq ft in loft. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with a large conditioned basement for operating systems and storage.
  14. Recycled Aluminum Roofing, made in Spokane, Zappone Roofing

Thanks again Collin. The home you carved for us is truly our dream home.

Derek, Kim and Skyler

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